Clemits live in Denver Colorado Wednesday July 22nd and Thurs July 23rd

posted: July 20th, 2015

Wednesday and Thursday I’m playing 2 shows in Denver Colorado. I’m hyped off the energy from the East Coast and ready to play one of my favorite cities. I’ll be at Cervantes, in Denver, Wednesday July 22nd for the Inner Peace Out Festival:
I’ll be at Lost Lake, in Denver, Thursday July 23rd:65947_10206418397033922_5250780231616955392_n

Clemits photos: Live from Brooklyn, Manhattan and Philadelphia.

posted: July 20th, 2015


Photos of Clemits

Clemits Photography of New York: Beast Coast Tour the photo essay.

posted: July 20th, 2015


posted: July 6th, 2015

beast_coast_tour_2015-11x17-POSTER (Web)
I’ve never played shows in Philladelphia or NY. It means a lot to me to play the East Coast. It’s been a mini dream of mine since I started making music. The time I visited before I knew I had to play NY. This weekend I’ll be playing shows in Philladelphia, Brooklyn and Manhattan. The symbolism and meaning arent lost on me. – Clemits #BeastCoastTour

I have a show I throw: it’s called ‘The Good Life’

posted: November 2nd, 2014

I have a monthly show that I throw called ‘The Good Life.” I throw the show with DJ Charlie, whom titled and invented the concept and the event along with the name. I feel like the name is nod and an homage in respect to the original ‘Good Life Cafe’ in Los Angeles, although I know that was not DJ Charlie’s intention when he created the event and concept. I wanted the night to be a showcase for Austin Artist and DJ’s MC’s and producers much the way a stand up showcase show is run at The Comedy Store. A place both the most respected and the newest could co-mingle, play on the same stage and build a possible working respect or friendship. I love Hip Hop, and this is a way I can contribute to the very thing I love and that I have dedicated numberless hours and dollars toward. We have teamed up with Austin Mic Exchange (DJ Charlie’s idea again) to bring the freshest talent coming out of the open mic scene on Tuesdays at Spiderhouse which is a runaway success. Much thanks and respect to the artist and fans alike for coming out. Flamingo Cantina is possibly the last bar on 6th Street running Hip Hop and Reggae and I appreciate them for giving me the opportunity  to throw our event at their club. So, in conclusion, thank you and if you love Hip Hop and want to see what Austin Texas, the live music capital of the world has to offer please come to ‘The Good Life,” tell a friend, spread the word that we are bringing good music, good weed and good times to Austin.

GL 11:7

Clemits Live at Weird City Hip Hop Festival Saturday Sept 27th at Red 7 (9:30pm)

posted: September 25th, 2014


See Clemits live at Weird City Hip Hop Festival

Saturday September 27th at Red 7 at 9:30pm.


Clemits live at the Vans Warped Tour 2014

posted: July 6th, 2014

Thanks to Fritzo, Ocelot and Dunn Sicks and all the Yo Bring it Back Tour for having me at the 2014 vans Warped Tour on the Texas Leg. These are photos from the shows. #Clemits

Clemits live with Open Mike Eagle and Ceschi Saturday 7/12

posted: July 6th, 2014


Win a Clemits Prize pack!

posted: March 21st, 2014

Win a Clemits Prize pack!

Link to ‘Seven Steps’ (music video):

Clemits ‘Beat Tape’

posted: March 1st, 2014

Beat Tape cover edit

I made this free instrumental album to thank my listeners. It’s available for Free Download via soundcloud and bandcamp. It’s the first in a series and it’s the only one that will be free. I made these beats along the way of my music dream and they never were used due to their abstract and sometimes strange sound. Anyway they weren’t the ones we rapped over, and I love making beats and My computer was pretty much broken during the Summer and when I got it refurbished and got it home I wanted to release and record all my back catalog of music. Thus you get the ‘Oh, Dear’ EP and this: ‘Beat Tape’. Admittedly these are not my best work and the EP was like barley releasable in my eyes. I mixed and recorded all the music I never released as a way to get back in the studio and to turn a new leaf and start new songs and beats. Thanks.