“Regardless of where we are at this moment, death is a destiny we are all fulfilling…” and Clemits is back. The Austin rapper and producer is again on the warpath with a new album and a vengeance. This well-traveled, world tour mercenary has the experience and life struggle that combine to harden a man with a grind and a plan.

In 2014 lost his mother to suicide. In 2015 Clemits releases his confessional album “Crush.” With a renewed focus and altered view on life, the fierce Texas lyricist and self proclaimed “backpack rapper” takes his craft to the next level. His beat selection puts the Golden Era into a blender and his “rise from the ashes” in life can be felt in every song.

Clemits loves weed, hash, family,
his girl, his dog and music.

Clemits is on a mission.

Clemits will not be stopped.

This album is about Clemits.
Everything else has already been done…